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June 4, 2023


Pakistan & its History of Blackouts; How Govt Plans to Solve this Problem?

Mahnoor Tariq

Pakistan was hit by a nationwide breakdown on Jan 23. This is a major blow to a country already struggling with skyrocketing energy prices. 220 million Pakistanis are struggling with their everyday routine right now.

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According to Energy Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan, it could take up to 12 hours to fully restore energy.

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K-Electric Ltd. stated that its top priority are hospitals and airports.

Years of power outages in Pakistan have prompted calls for an upgrade of the country’s deteriorating electrical transmission infrastructure. This refers to a similar episode in January 2021 when a power plant malfunction caused the national system to collapse.

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The country was severely impacted by the global energy crisis last year as well, as Pakistan’s imports of liquefied natural gas were severely curtailed due to exorbitant pricing, resulting in rolling blackouts, fuel rationing, and increases in electricity rates.

According to Wikipedia, World’s Latest Blackouts mentions Pakistan in top 3; this includes Jan 23 (today), September 2022, and January 2021.

The disruption occurs as Pakistan’s frail economy continues to face difficulties, including a serious energy crisis. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif ordered earlier this month that all federal agencies limit their energy use by 30%. He also directed for closure of marketplaces and restaurants by 8.30pm.

The decision to cut back on energy use was made shortly after Pakistan revealed that its foreign exchange reserves had fallen to dangerously low levels. According to the central bank, the nation’s total liquid foreign exchange reserves as of December were $11.7 billion.

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