The Pakistani film Joyland is setting up a benchmark in European countries; it is currently receiving a fantastic response and has earned over $1 million in France. 

According to the reports, “Joyland,” directed by Saim Sadiq, has been performing well in theaters worldwide despite facing challenges in its release in Pakistan. The Cannes award-winning film has grossed over $1 million in France and is set to have its premiere in the US at the Sundance Film Festival. The success of Joyland in France is particularly noteworthy in light of the current uncertain state of the theater industry.

The film Joyland, distributed by Condor in France, has set new records for Pakistani films in the country, and its director, Saim Sadiq, considers it a significant achievement. He stated that seeing the film receive positive feedback and support from industry professionals and audiences worldwide was an “extraordinary journey” he never imagined. Sadiq also mentioned that reaching the $1 million mark in box office gross in France is a “truly momentous” accomplishment.

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