Pakistani veteran actress Iffat Omar recently opened up about her fitness and medical procedures on a podcast with senior anchor person Mansoor Ali Khan.

The actress stated, “Nowadays, a lot of things are available, women are aware, and they look after themselves,” she said on her fitness.

Iffat further added, “There is a lot of help available from doctors, lasers, skin tightening, and other procedures are available to make you younger, these are our tools and we should use them, I talk about these procedures so that girls and people know that we look good after a lot of treatments and help, there are a lot of treatments available for people like lasers, thread lift, you must take all of these treatments once a year if you want to look good. I get them because it’s my investment; I work in this industry, so I spend money on myself, and I don’t hide my procedures; instead, I opt for more natural-looking procedures. Fillers change you, select treatment wisely”.

Here you can watch Iffat Omar’s podcast:

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