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June 4, 2023


Lahore School Incident; School Expels 5 Students Including The Victim

Mahnoor Tariq

After a video of the bullied girl being tortured by her classmates in Lahore went viral on social media, it prompted authorities to initiate an investigation. The private school has now expelled five students, including the victim.

The investigation:

The school administration initially refused to cooperate with the police. However, they gave the investigating officer access to the CCTV footage. Statements of four eyewitnesses were recorded. Additionally, the principal named Bilal and canteen worker Nasir are two of the seven people implicated in the case of assault. The education department also established a five-person committee to look into the situation.


Two to three teenage females were seen holding the victim by her hair as they pinned her to the ground. The footage was widely circulated on social media, on Jan 20. The victim was being verbally abused as well as she was being told to ‘say sorry.’

The complainant claimed in the FIR that his daughter was brutally assaulted. In the FIR, the father stated that his daughter’s classmates were drug users who “forced her into the drug culture, which drove me to send a video of her doing drugs to her father.’

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