Mass Shooting California: Seven More Dead in Two Locations

June 4, 2023


Mass Shooting California: Seven More Dead in Two Locations


Washington: On Monday, a mass shooting at two sites in the coastal community of Half Moon Bay in northern California killed seven people. The suspect was apprehended after driving to a police parking lot and attempting to turn himself in as per the officials.

A second large-scale shooting that left 11 people dead occurred on Saturday in the southern California city of Monterey Park located approximately 30 miles (50 km) south of San Francisco.

Immigrant laborers in the area were negatively impacted by a recent string of severe rainstorms that battered the rural area. 20 individuals across the state were murdered in a succession of atmospheric floods in the three weeks after Christmas.

Although the suspect was helping the investigation, a motive hadn’t yet been determined, Corpus added. She claimed that a semi-automatic weapon was discovered in his car. In Half Moon Bay, it was reported that four bodies and a fifth victim with potentially fatal injuries at the first location. Moreover, three more bodies were discovered nearby.

The arrest was captured on camera in the Bay Area as two plainclothes officers and one uniformed deputy ordered the man out of his car while brandishing their weapons. When the suspect emerged, he was knocked to the ground and looked over for weapons. Several armed officers in uniforms descended on the area soon.

According to Corpus, detectives believe the culprit drove to the station to report himself. When a deputy noticed the car in the parking lot, the car’s description and license plate were already known to police authorities, according to Corpus.

A mass shooting included four or more individuals shot or killed. Excluding the gunman the first 21 days of the year, there were 38 such incidents.

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