Ogra Turns Down Rumors Of Petrol Shortage In Pakistan

May 29, 2023


Ogra Turns Down Rumors Of Petrol Shortage In Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has denied any claims of shortages of petrol and diesel in the country, stating that there is a sufficient amount of stock available.

The spokesperson for Ogra, Imran Ghaznavi, stated that there is enough petrol to meet the demand for the next 18 days and enough diesel to meet the demand for the next 37 days.

He also added that ships carrying 101,000 metric tonnes of petrol are at the port and ready to be unloaded and that local refineries are working to meet the demand for petroleum products.

An official stated that the supply chain was close to collapsing and therefore, the division of petroleum and Ogra are also now writing letters to the finance ministry and the SBP to protect their positions in view of any supply disruption that could take more than six weeks to revive.

The secretary of information for the Petroleum Dealers Association, Atif Ahmad, stated that smaller oil marketing companies have stopped importing crude oil as the lack of dollars delayed the opening of letters of credit and gradually halted the process altogether.

The market has been facing a shortage of supplies for the last two weeks, but the companies have been able to manage the situation by redirecting supplies to the major cities, causing the rural areas to bear the negative effects, according to a statement.

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