Actor Sharman Joshi, known for his role as Luxmen in the film Golmaal, will star in an upcoming Gujarati film titled Congratulations, in which he will play the role of a pregnant man. He recently discussed his experience taking on this unique character.

The film already drew the attention of the viewers with the release of its poster. The actor has revealed his journey doing such a comedy role.

Sharman Joshi stated,

“The best part of working on this film was that I could put on weight. I had to play a pregnant man, so I was supposed to put on weight. But I got carried away, and that was not a good thing. The weight I put on in just two months was actually embarrassing.”

He further said: “But it was for the film, so it was worth it. I was able to return to my normal weight soon enough and towards the end of the shooting, I had started slimming down.”

While speaking about the film, he said, “Congratulations focuses on the entire gamut of pregnancy and the challenges, which are kind of addressed in the film, in a light-hearted way. The movie is primarily an emotional, dramatic comedy. It is not a make-believe world, we have some scientific references but it is still a work of fiction which could be a reality very soon.”

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