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June 3, 2023


Swat Police Kills Student on Allegations of Drug Charges

Mahnoor Tariq

On Jan 24, Banr police killed a young student from Swat, named Obaid on allegations of drug charges. The victim’s relatives and locals staged a protest outside the police station. Later, the police arrested three of the five policemen involved in the murder.


According to family members, Obaid was shot and injured at the police station before being taken the Saidu Sharif Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. Faridoon Khan, Obaid’s uncle, remarked, “This entire incident inside the police station transpired within five minutes.”

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What happened:

Five police officers, who have been charged with killing Obiad, arrived in the area as a “special team” investigating drug rings. A narcotics patrol in the neighbourhood is also thought to be connected to the tragedy. Banr has a district security branch (DSB) like other places, and its main duty is to combat drug dealers. Police officers who make up the DSB are usually in plain clothes.

When a police patrol van arrived, the policemen allegedly grabbed Obaid and transported him with Fariddon to the police station, adding that both of them were transferred to different rooms. SHO Banr Police Station arrived during this time and questioned the Faidoon regarding the purpose of the visit.

“We heard gunshots coming from the room where Obaid was taken as I was informing the SHO about the event. When we rushed to the room, Obaid was lying in a pool of blood on the floor,” Faridoon claimed in his statement.

What’s next:

Regional Police Officer Sajjad Khan assembled an eight-person investigating team to “unearth” the incident’s details. Sajjad promised the family members that they would receive justice. SSP Shah Hassan Khan will be leading the investigative team.

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