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June 4, 2023


Take Notes Pakistan, China is Now Using AI to Serve Justice

Mahnoor Tariq

China is now testing Artificial Intelligence and its competency in providing legal aid.

What you need to know:

The country is investing in a lot of money to make AI more pervasive in daily life and government operations. Even Chinese courts are now utilising AI to seek help in judicial decision-making.

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China & AI:

2019 saw the first of AI use at a court in Hangzhou, a city south of Shanghai. The Xiao Zhi 3.0, or “Little Wisdom,” version of the judge’s assistant programme was first used in a case involving 10 borrowers who defaulted on bank loans. In cases involving straightforward financial disputes, Xiao Zhi 3.0 is primarily employed.

However, a court in Suzhou used a similar technique to resolve disputes involving traffic accidents. The judge’s time was saved by AI reviewing the evidence and writing the verdicts.

Judges and prosecutors in criminal law also utilise the Xiao Baogong Intelligent Sentencing Prediction System, another platform powered by legal AI.

What’s the concern?

Based on big data analysis of the case facts and previous verdicts from related instances, the algorithm can recommend fines. Zhiyu Li, an assistant professor of law and policy at Durham University, said that utilising AI for this purpose raises ethical concerns.

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