World Bank Report: Overview Of The Flood's Impact On Pakistan's Agriculture And Food Supply

June 3, 2023


World Bank Report: Overview Of The Flood’s Impact On Pakistan’s Agriculture And Food Supply

Shaeran Rufus

ISLAMABAD: On Tuesday, the World Bank reported that 6 million people in Pakistan are experiencing food insecurity due to the heavy rains and severe flooding that occurred during the last monsoon season. The floods resulted in the loss of life, and destruction of livestock and crops, and contributed to a rise in food prices.

According to the report, titled: ‘Food Security Update Report’ that added numerous people died, a large number of animals were killed, and crops covering a vast area of 9.4 million acres were ruined due to the flood.

The provinces of Baluchistan and Sindh were most affected by the floods. The report also stated that South Asia as a whole is facing rising inflation caused by environmental and climatic factors, a decrease in foreign exchange reserves, and a decrease in the value of local currencies. These factors have led to an increase in food prices.

The report noted that some areas in South Asia received more rainfall than usual during the last monsoon season, while other areas received less than average, which has affected food production. The effects of these factors are now becoming apparent.

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