The Case of 18 Suspicious Deaths in Karachi’s Keamari; Here’s What You Need to Know - Capital TV

June 4, 2023


The Case of 18 Suspicious Deaths in Karachi’s Keamari; Here’s What You Need to Know

Mahnoor Tariq

KARACHI: Following reports of “18 suspicious deaths,” the Sindh health department carried out a community response and visited Keamari, Karachi, on Jan 26. According to a statement made by Mehar Khursheed, Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the health department, the inspection took place in Ali Mohammad Goth and Moach Goth.

What happened:

18 deaths were reported over a 16-day period, from January 10 to January 25. According to the statement, victims were people of all ages who initially had signs of fever, sore throat, and shortness of breath. They all passed away five to seven days after they fell sick.

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The survey further suggested that sick people were evaluated but showed no signs of rashed. However, it made note that the neighbourhood complained about “a strong, annoying stench” permeating the area.

Health conditions:

The community thinks two factories, recently built within their village, are responsible for the foul smell. The residents complained it was also bothering their throats.

According to preliminary analysis, certain substances that are causing interstitial lung disease are the cause of these deaths. The impacted area has also seen the establishment of medical camps for the treatment of pneumonia. The health officials further assured that additional research is still ongoing.

What else:

The police have arrested 4 people, including factory workers, after 10 children died due to sickness. quoted Keamari Deputy Commissioner Mukhtiar Abro saying that a medical investigation team headed by the Keamari district health officer was sent to determine the cause of the death. He stated, “The doctors took samples for research purposes. According to him, the deceased kids had ‘identical symptoms.’”

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