Money Laundering Case: Interim Bail Granted to Elahi's Family

May 28, 2023


Money Laundering Case: Interim Bail Granted to Elahi’s Family

Shaeran Rufus

LAHORE: The session court approved the interim bail of Moonis Elahi’s wife, Tehreem Elahi, Rasikh Elahi, and others in a money laundering case on Saturday. The interim bail was granted against a surety bond of one lakh rupees. Since February 14, the court has refrained from arresting the accused.

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Moreover, the court has sought an investigation report from the FIA. Among the accused, Tahrim Elahi, Rasakh Elahi, and Zara Elahi filed for interim bail in court.

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Money Laundering Case

The money laundering case was filed against Rasikh Elahi and his family. In January, the FIA also placed Rasikh Elahi, his wife, Moonis Elahi’s wife, Bhatti, and three others on a no-fly list for 30 days at the behest of the FIA.

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