The romantic comedy film “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” featuring Sajal Aly and produced by Jemima Khan Goldsmith has an uncertain release date in Pakistan.

Atrium Cinemas has confirmed that the movie will premiere in Pakistan on March 3rd, with a delayed release date. Other major cinemas such as Nueplex, The Arena, and Cue have not yet announced their plans to screen the film.

Also, Ushna commented on the said post on Instagram and wrote, “Wow, this is in awfully poor taste. Art is inspired by life, and every artist, even the white lady married to the PM we either hate or love too much, has the right to document her journey. Jemima was far from “chased out”, she was the nation’s darling.”

Ushna went on to add that Jemima “didn’t claim to be a white savior, although she used her privilege for the benefit of Pakistan in many ways over the years.”

She further added, “She had to deal with the most grotesque form of anti-semitism, she still has to deal with nonsense spewing outside her home thanks to her ex-husband’s career. Yet now we must come at her for creating art based on HER experiences? A right every filmmaker has? Also, is the film actually “unkind”? Or is it simply honest? Would you have preferred a sugar-coated version?”

Jemima then responded to Ushna’s comment and wrote, “To be clear- the writer has not even watched the film. We declined the request to send a link as we have not sent links to anyone and it’s not showing in Canada or the US for several months.”

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