Peshawar Mosque Blast: Punjab Caretaker CM Expresses Condolences to Azam Khan

May 29, 2023


Peshawar Mosque Blast: Punjab Caretaker CM Expresses Condolences to Azam Khan

Shaeran Rufus

LHR/KPK: Mohsin Naqvi, caretaker chief Minister of Punjab called Azam Khan, caretaker chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and expressed his deepest condolences to the lost lives. In the most devastating blast at Police Line Mosque in Peshawar on Monday killed more than 80 people while more than 150 are injured. 

Naqvi said he expressed his heartfelt sympathy to the families of the martyrs. He has also prayed for the speedy recovery of those injured. The entire nation is saddened by this tragedy, he added Mohsen Naqvi. The caretaker CM said, that this is the time to come together and unite and eradicate terrorism.

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Cabinet Meeting in Punjab

The second meeting of the Punjab cabinet was held by Chief Minister’s Office and presided by caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi on Monday. The Punjab cabinet strongly condemned the explosion in the mosque of Police Lines Peshawar and expressed deep sorrow and regret over the loss of life.

Moreover, prayers were offered by the provincial ministers, senior officials, and CM for the martyred. The Punjab Cabinet also expressed its solidarity with the martyred families.

Appointment of Law officers

The Supervisory Cabinet of Punjab officially approved the appointment of new law officers. According to the court decision, the old law officers will also remain in their positions, but the old law officers will not be able to represent the government in any case. Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi ordered tightening security in the province to protect the lives and property of the people.

Moreover, the Minister directed that the police authorities should take all measures to maintain the atmosphere of public order and strictly monitor the internal and external routes throughout the province.

Agricultural policy

The Punjab Cabinet was briefed about the corporate farming policy. Naqvi directed to present the corporate farming policy in the next meeting of the cabinet. Hence, supervising provincial ministers, the chief secretary, the inspector general of police, and senior officials attended the meeting.

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