Kohat Incident: Nine More Bodies Recovered, 41 Drowned

June 4, 2023


Kohat Incident: Nine More Bodies Recovered, 41 Drowned

Shaeran Rufus

(This is a developing story)

KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA: The Kohat incident that happened on Sunday drowned 11 children. The recent report of the drowned kids has reached 41, recovering nine bodies were on Tuesday. 

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Fazal Naeem, Kohat Police spokesman told that further search found nine bodies while search for others are still underway. Moreover, he said, seven children were saved on Sunday when the incident occurred. Moreover, the chances as per the police with the slightest chance of survival.

Around 57 children from a religious seminary were on a boat ride at Tanda Dam, a recreational spot in Kohat District. Shahid Anwar, head of the seminary said, he had lost his son and nephew in the incident. It was also found that the actual number of children on the boat was 40.

Tanda Dam Lake has been a recreational and a tourist spot, the incident has also raised safety and security measures at such tourist locations.

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