Actor Maira Wasti is known as the backbone of the Pakistani media industry. She has done many dramas, including Kallo, Neend, and Boota from Toba Tek Singh, Ashiyana, and Buri Aurat.

Maria recently appeared in Nadir Ali’s podcast in which she talked about leaked pictures she stated,

“Now, one can’t even go to the beach, also, those were our personal pictures, it happened years ago when nobody was aware of the privacy settings, and those pictures were leaked by friends, it happens that your friend list is the one which leaks the pictures, well, it’s still happening in Pakistan people love to leak audios and videos of people, and sadly it happened, obviously, we wore such clothes because it’s out life and we have a choice what to wear and what not to wear, I saw criticism and I was obviously not happy about it”

Here’s the video:

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