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June 4, 2023


In a First, Pakistan is Set to Announce Country’s 1st Mental Health App ‘Humraaz’

Mahnoor Tariq

On Feb 1, Head of Prime Minister of Pakistan’s Strategic Reforms Salman Sufi took to his Twitter handle announcing the country’s first mental health application ‘Humraaz.’

Mr. Sufi further added that the government is looking for psychologists/Psychiatrists who would like to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative. The app will also introduce a toll free helpline which will accommodate people reaching out to seek advice. 

Screening process:

“The aim is to provide consultation services and to help improve mental health and quality of life of people suffering,” read the infographic. Psych professionals interested in the initiative have to send their CVs on [email protected]

Public reaction:

Pakistanis are super glad to hear about this news as they believe it is about time that the government takes a step forward in accepting that bad mental health is a real problem. But they are also concerned about the regulatory body being formed for this, “Who’s going to make sure we have ethical & competent mental health professionals on board?” says a Twitter user. 

A research consultant also offered advice to Mr. Sufi, “Kindly include Social Scientists (Social Work, Sociologist) also because mental health also largely depends on social factors.”

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