Hum Dono, an upcoming project featuring Ahsan Khan and Hira Mani, aims to challenge the typical sexist and stereotypical portrayal of men on television. This project will offer a fresh perspective on male representation on screen.

The two teasers released for this mini-series portray a happy family standing strong despite all the hurdles in their marriage. While the couple’s relationship struggles have been a significant draw for the show, the third trailer has solidified it as a must-watch for audiences.

In a departure from conventional gender roles, Ahsan’s character in the mini-series is depicted as compassionate, gentle, and emotional. He handles his relationship difficulties with affection, consideration, and reflection. The teaser begins with Ahsan addressing a prevalent issue faced by both on-screen and real-life couples, saying, “What do men do?” They try to control women, insult them, and get angry at them. “What kind of relationship is that?”

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