HITS – Operation designed to combat militancy in Pakistan along the border of Punjab/KPK

June 3, 2023


HITS – Operation designed to combat militancy in Pakistan along the border of Punjab/KPK

Shaeran Rufus

LAHORE: Punjab police carried out a major counter-terrorism operation in the challenging mountainous region of Mianwali district on Wednesday. Following a late-night attack on a police station by heavily armed militants from the banned group Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

A meeting gave the green light to the operation. It was attended by chief secretary, inspector general of police, intelligence agency heads, and local police officers.

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Dr. Usman Anwar, IG Police stated that the new policy called “HITS” (Hunt, Impede, Thwart, and Serve) has mobilized many units of the Punjab police.”

The HITS operation pledged to eliminate all the terrorism traces from the Mianwali district, said police. He also announced to provide a strong retaliation against the terrorists and eradication of them from the Punjab region.

The security officials held a meeting shortly after the attack and made several significant decisions, guidelines, and devised plans to ensure cooperation among security forces against TTP’s presence in Punjab.

DIG Ahsan Younis, who plays a crucial role in the police operation, mentioned that highly skilled police personnel and commandos from three regions. That includes the counter-terrorism department, special protection unit, and the elite force are participating in the operation.

DIG Younis said that personnel and resources have been transferred from different parts of the Punjab province to Mianwali to hunt the hideout of TTP. The officer noted that Makkarwal was the closest police station to the mountainous area from where the TTP militants launched the attack.

DIG Younis stated that apropos to the attack. The terrorist presences in the region were alerted to the Makkarwal police by the intelligence source. That aided to disburse the attack in Mianwali.

The police were on high alert and retaliated immediately which resulted in an exchange of fires. The police halt the terrorists from reaching the police station. Hence repelling the attack, the militant returned to their hideouts taking the advantage of the darkness.

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