Indian actor Vicky Kaushal recently said in an interview that he feels he is not an ideal husband to Katrina Kaif in any way.

He stated while giving an interview, ” I am not perfect as a son, neither as a husband, friend or actor.”

He added, “Being perfect is like a mirage, you know? You always feel you’re reaching there but you’re never quite there. So, I don’t think I’m a perfect husband. I don’t think I’m perfect in any way, but I try to be the best version of a husband I can be at any given moment. Of course, tomorrow I will be better than I was yesterday but I always try to do the best that I can.”

He further added to his statement:

“You learn a lot when you start living with a person and when you have a companion. I think in the past year, I’ve learned so much more than the years I was single because it’s just beautiful how you start understanding another person’s perspective and that makes you truly grow as a person.”

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