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June 4, 2023


Keamari Factory Case; Children Under 10 Tested Positive for Measles

Mahnoor Tariq

On Feb 2, blood samples from Keamari residents show 4 kids tested positive for measles, and a 20 year-old woman tested positive for dengue.

Previously, the findings on the air samples gathered from Goth Mohammad Ali showed no signs of impurity. While the observations acknowledge illegal factories operating in the residential area, it says the results obtained do not indicate excess of any parameter in air quality which could lead to causalities from inhaling of any toxic gas. The report by Sindh Environmental Protection Agency claims the site was always clean from any sort of air pollution.

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On January 26, the Sindh health department visited Keamari, Karachi, in response to complaints of “18 mysterious deaths.” The inspection took held in Ali Mohammad Goth and Moach Goth, according to a statement published by Mehar Khursheed, Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the health department. The death toll is now up 20.

What you need to know:

Capital TV spoke with Khadim Husain, the complainant, who says the health team collected air samples 4-5 days after the factories were sealed. Whereas, the report by Directorate General Health Service, Sindh says the agency reached on Jan 26, the same day when factories shut down.

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