KARACHI: Scrap Fest is set to take place on Feb 4 at Urban Forest in Karachi’s Clifton neighborhood. The event is being widely boycotted by Pakistanis as they call for a ban on this ‘LGBTQ+ pro event.’

What you need to know: 

Urvah Khan, a Canadian-Pakistani singer, is organising Scrapfest which is basically a Canadian-based event. Urvah made her comeback to Pakistan officially in 2017. According to Urvah’s previous YouTube video, Scrapfest will be the first rock concert with a female frontwoman that is LGBTQ+-friendly. The occasion will be featuring ‘trans and underground acts.’ 

Pakistanis are widely condemning the event as they believe it’s against Islamic values. Fashion-designer Maria B also demanded an explanation from Urban Forest for allotting their venue for Scrapfest. As the A-list designer spoke out against it, she also filmed a video of herself explaining how terms like ‘transphobe’ and ‘homophobe’ do not exist. She drew flak for the controversial and uninformed take.

Pakistanis are condemning Scrapfest for going against Islamic values and call for the government to take action against it.

On the other hand, speaking with WOKE Team, Dr. Mehrub Moiz Awan, the hosting for this event, says it is a live comedy show. She says Urvah has consulted with a lot of khwajasiras for this event so they can get a chance to perform for a mainstream platform, “This will give the audience a chance to see them in a new light.” 

Dr. Moiz further added that religious extremists are portraying it as an LGBTQ+ event because Urvah Khan fights for queer rights in Canada.

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