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June 4, 2023


This Body Patch Can Help Women Ease Menstrual Pain

Mahnoor Tariq

In her interview with BBC Urdu, Paula Fisher, a 33 year-old Hungarian, shares how she discovered a body patch which could ease menstrual cramps.

Like many other women, Paula also experiences severe anxiety and pain during her period. She was looking for something that would ease her pain as pills only provide temporary relief. Paula says, “I often had such severe pain during my period that it was impossible for me to do any work. My period used to affect everything.”

About the bodysuit:

Then two years ago, she heard on social media about a new Hungarian company ‘Elfa FemTech.’ They were looking for female volunteers to try on a new bodysuit. Women and girls willing to participate in the experiment first had to take part in a survey. They were required to answer questions about their menstrual cycle. A women health specialist selected women who would be the best fit for the experiment. Paula was among these chosen women.

The company’s experiment was a success and now the ‘Artemis’ bodysuit will soon be available in the UK and EU this year. The device consists of a heating panel as well as jelly-like pads. They are ‘tensed’ to stimulate the veins in the pubic area to reduce pain.

How it works:

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is also used by many women during childbirth, which emits electrical waves. The TENS block the pain sensation from reaching the brain. Moreover, the heated panels attached to them massage the muscles around the pubic area.

There is also a battery to power the device which you can attach to the bodysuit or its belt. You can control this device by connecting this battery to the app in your smartphone through Bluetooth. Women can also reduce or increase the heat and electric waves coming out of the device accordingly.

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