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June 3, 2023


IG Sindh Proposes Technology Solutions to Tackle Criminality in Karachi

Anum Razzaque

Inspector General (IG) of Sindh, Allah Dino Khuwaja, has recommended the use of technology to prevent criminal activities in Karachi.

IG Sindh appeared before the Sindh High Court (SHC) in response to a summons regarding the security arrangements of the SHC court.

A journalist questioned the security arrangements of the court where a father had fired a gun to shoot his daughter for conducting a love marriage.

In response, the IG stated that they are working to upgrade the surveillance system of important places, particularly courts, as the police are facing resource limitations.

He stated that they have recommended the use of technology to combat crime and that the Sindh police have been transitioning towards technology solutions over the past two years.

The government has allocated funds for some of the recommendations, but many proposals are still pending.

He stated, “The world is using technology to stop crime, and it is the only solution we are seeking.

Report sought on special powers of Rangers

Sindh High Court Building— website

Earlier, on Friday, the court requested a comprehensive report from the Sindh government and police regarding the powers of the Rangers.

The Chief Justice of the SHC ordered that the court be informed within a week about the powers of the Rangers.

The court issued this directive based on a petition filed by a citizen named Azam Khan.

However, the petitioner claimed that the Rangers had detained his car. The court questioned the prosecutor about the authority the Rangers had to detain a citizen’s vehicle.

The prosecutor responded, “According to anti-terrorism law, all law enforcement agencies have the same powers as the police.”

“Are citizens’ vehicles being used in crimes?” the court asked during the proceedings and ordered a detailed report to be submitted.

According to the petition filed on August 29th, “the servants went out of the house in a Toyota Corolla but did not return.”

The FIR was filed at the Industrial Area police station, and it was later discovered that the car was in the Rangers wing of New Karachi.

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