North Nazimabad’s new assistant commissioner has sparked a lot of attention and debates these days. His pictures and videos went viral but for the wrong reasons.

Hazim has been criticized for his feminine appearance and unique fashion style, leading some to label him as “imitating women” or even “transgender” or “female”.

There has been circulation of a supposed screenshot of a Twitter post made by Hazim in August 2018 that shows a rainbow flag and reads “Happy Pride Month.” Hazim has stated that this post is fabricated and cannot be found on their official Twitter account.

Hazim said in his statement. “There are some misconceptions and misunderstandings that I would like to clear. Never have I ever held any colourful flag, neither have I ever posted a picture holding it — that’s fake, that’s not true. Never have I associated myself with any organisation either.”

“About those calling me a transgender… I am not a transgender, I am male. I am not a woman, I’m a male. However, these speculations were a bit offensive. Not for me, personally. But the fact that these people were calling me a woman, and using it as an insult, that is offen to mothers, sisters, working women, female officers.”

He further added to his statement that, “They’re constantly reinforce the stereotype that being a woman, is bad. I am not a woman so this does not affect me personally. But what are you promoting? That being a woman is bad? Or being a third gender is bad? That is completely unfair. And I would say it is offensive. I feel offended on behalf of the women and the transgender community.”

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