IHC Prevents Proceeding in Cases Against Sheikh Rashid Ahmad

June 3, 2023


IHC Prevents Proceeding in Cases Against Sheikh Rashid Ahmad

Shaeran Rufus

ISLAMABAD: In cases filed in Karachi and Lasbela on Monday, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) barred police from taking any action against former minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad. Justice Tariq Mahmood Jahangiri of the IHC heard the applications.

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The defence attorney for Sheikh Rashid contended the court previously halted further proceedings in response to the summons by Aabpara police station. However, officials still opened a case and arrested Rashid in the same case. While he was being held by the police, another FIR was filed in Karachi.

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Justice Jahangiri questioned how a case could be made in Karachi after learning that the statement was made at the Poly Clinic Hospital. Both the Lasbela area of Baluchistan and the Mochko region of Karachi have filed complaints against Rashid. The bar councils, the Attorney General, and the Advocate General were notified by the court that they couldn’t continue with those actions.

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The lawyer said that a third case had been filed in Murree. The court inquired whether any arrests had been made in connection with these three instances. The attorney retorted that just one instance resulted in an arrest. The judge said that under the law, when an arrest is made in one case, it is automatically made in all subsequent cases as well.

As per the lawyer, Rashid was tortured for roughly six hours. Moreover, he added Rashid was bound to a chair in an unidentified location. The hearing was postponed until February 9.

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