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June 4, 2023


In Solidarity With Rape Victim, Islamabad Women Hang Dupattas On F-9 Park Gate

Mahnoor Tariq

In solidarity with the victim who was raped by two armed men, The Women Democratic Forum staged a roadblock protest outside F-9 park.

What you need to know:

On Feb 6, the police chief was given instructions by Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Zahid Akram Durrani on action against the perpetrators. He is expected to submit a report before in the house within 24 hours. The development comes after several activists demanded that the police officers in charge of the park’s security should be held accountable.


Member of National Assembly Mohsin Dawar says the incident is extremely embarrassing for the state, “Nothing could be more humiliating.” To brief legislators on the situation, the MNA demanded the interior minister’s involvement as well. Moreover, the police was asked to update them with regular updates on the inquiry.

In a letter to Islamabad IG, MNA Shahida Rehmani also requested a report on the incident. She says the mindset of victim-blaming should be blamed for such tragedies. Even if women go outside at 2am, it is the state’s responsibility to safeguard them, said MNA Rehmani.

More than hundred demonstrators protested and demanded accountability for the increase in violence against women. The participants marched towards the park and displayed their support by hanging their dupattas (scarves) on the gate.

The media coverage of the case has been banned by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA). According to the notice, the victim’s identity has been revealed which violates clause 8 of the PEMRA Electronic Media Code of Conduct-2015.

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