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May 28, 2023


Boy Attacks 19 Year-Old Christian Girl With Acid After She Refused to Date Him

Mahnoor Tariq

KARACHI: On Feb 1, a Muslim boy attacked a 19-year-old Christian woman with acid after she refused to date him and convert to Islam. 

After her parents passed away, Sunita Masih lived with her sister in Karachi’s Kala Pull neighbourhood. She left the house in Masoom Shah Colony that morning to go to work. According to her uncle John Masih, after she got off a bus at Cantt station, Kamran threw acid on Sunita and ran away.

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Police’s incompetency:

John says that Kamran’s abuse has left a lasting psychological and physical scar on her, “Will Sunita be able to live a regular life once more, even if he is found guilty for his crime?,” asks John, adding that 20% of Sunita’s body was burned.

He claimed that despite the family having reported the harassment to the police, nothing was done to stop it. When all else failed, Sunita’s brother-in-law beat Kamran, but it didn’t stop him either.

Police case:

Bux has been detained and a case has been filed against him under Section 336-B of the Pakistan Penal Code, according to Assistant Sub-Inspector Sagheer Ahmed of the Frere Police Station.

Ahmed told Morning Star News, “We got his two-day physical remand from a court during which he confessed to the crime.” In his statement, Kamran said that he had fallen in love with Sunita and after she declined his marriage proposal, he assaulted her with acid in retribution.

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