Intelligence-Based Operation in Lakki Marwat, 12 TTP Militants Killed

June 4, 2023


Intelligence-Based Operation in Lakki Marwat, 12 TTP Militants Killed

Shaeran Rufus

LAKKI MARWAT: The intelligence-based operation (IBO) in Lakki Marwat was successful, according to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), as 12 TTP militants were shot and killed.

Details indicate that the operation was carried out in response to intelligence about the presence of terrorists in Lakki Marwat. For the past week, the movements and actions of the terrorists have been observed. The terrorists were engaged in a gunfight with the security officers as they fled the scene in a car.

The ISPR stated in their statement that “terrorists were lured in by providing a vehicle for escape that was intercepted & neutralized. Weapons, ammunition & Afghan currency was also recovered from terrorists”. 

Twelve TTP militants were killed in the clash. They were also seized with weapons and Afghani money. A cleanup effort was afterward conducted there. To carry out an assault, the terrorists were traveling by Tank. Six policemen were slain in a December 2022 attack, according to information provided by the law enforcement agency.

There has been a concerning increase in terror incidents in the country, particularly in Baluchistan and KP, following the termination of the ceasefire between the banned TTP and Islamabad in November.

Peshawar Mosque Blast

In the Police Lines neighborhood of Peshawar, a suicide bomber detonated himself inside a mosque last month. 169 people were hurt, and over 100 were martyred. The blatant terrorist strike caused huge outrage among the public. The security forces are carrying out back-to-back operations to kill militants in order to combat the surge in terrorism.

Daesh Militant Arrested in Pakistan

In a counter terrorism operation carried out by the counter-terrorism department (CTD) in the Korangi Industrial Area of Karachi, the main commander of the Daesh group, Abdul Malik, was arrested on Wednesday. The spokesperson for the CTD confirmed that the arrested individual was thoroughly investigated.

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The accused has been connected to the Daesh Abdul Manan group since 2011, according to the CTD spokesperson. The individual is an Afghan national who has been residing in Karachi for an extended period and was known to collect donations during Ramadan to send to Daesh in Afghanistan. The accused was also involved in the operation of hawala/hundi transactions.

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