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June 3, 2023


Sheikh Rashid Handed Over to Police on Transit Remand by Federal Capital Court

Anum Razzaque

ISLAMABAD: The District and Sessions Court of the Federal Capital handed over Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the head of the Awami Muslim League (AML), to the Murree police on a transit remand.

The police produced a former minister in the court of Judge Omar Cheema.

Ahead of the hearing, he stated that his opponents are attempting to change his loyalties. He expressed that instead of agreeing with them, he would prefer to die.

Sheikh Rashid vowed that he would participate in the elections alongside Imran Khan and stated that he would request the magistrate to summon him for nomination papers and scrutiny.

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He claimed that the Station House Officer (SHO) Warraich was involved in the wine business.

In the courtroom, he stated that he was being falsely accused in a case, and added, “I did not show the gun to the police.”

“I have handed over the passwords of both of my phones to the police, and I don’t have the contact information of any Indian or RA agent,” said Rashid.

Furthermore, he claimed that he had never fought in the army because “I belong to the army.”

“I won’t change my loyalty at this age,” he said. “The police asked me to meet with a stranger, but I declined. Murree police interrogated me for hours,” he added.

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He claimed that all cases were registered by Aapara police and that Karachi and Lasbella police are innocent.


Ali Bukhari, the counsel for Sheikh Rashid, presented his argument before the court and stated that the judicial magistrate had rejected the request for transit remand.

Sheikh Rashid is currently imprisoned and cannot leave. The First Information Report (FIR) against him was registered based on a complaint from the Murree police, so they cannot conduct an investigation with him.

However, the prosecutor stated that the judicial magistrate had already granted a judicial remand for 14 days and that the issue of the transit remand had been brought before the court because Sheikh Rashid was to be produced before the Murree court.

The counsel for Sheikh Rashid, Intazar Panjotha, stated that the investigation could be conducted without his client’s presence and that the case registered against him was unlawful. He claimed that his client is innocent and that the case against him was like a joke.

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He stated that Sheikh Rashid’s life is in danger and asked who would be held responsible if he were to be killed.

The lawyer requested that the court ensure that Sheikh Rashid will not be harmed.

The court reserved its decision after hearing the arguments but soon after announced its decision, granting a two-day transit remand for Sheikh Rashid.

The court ordered, “Sheikh Rashid must be produced in court by tomorrow 2:00 pm.”

However, according to sources, no narcotic substances were found in the samples of Sheikh Rashid Ahmed. For an alcohol test, a medical team needs samples of his urine and blood.

The source stated, “The results were derived by the Forensic Science Agency in Lahore.”

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