Komal Rizvi is a well-known actor and singer in the Pakistani showbiz industry. She started her career through a PTV serial “Hawaain.”

Komal also went to India for hosting and singing. She recently appeared in Nadir Ali’s podcast where she opened up about the tragic history of her marriage and divorce with a heavy heart.

Actress stated in her interview,

“I was in a semi-arranged marriage, which was a difficult and painful experience for me. In our society, girls are often led to believe that they will have a perfect marriage and that their husbands will take care of them, but they are not taught about setting boundaries and protecting their rights. I didn’t know this until several years into the marriage, when I found myself being abused, manipulated, and mistreated by my husband, who was a mentally unstable person. He would hit me with a frying pan and play mind games, and I was unable to escape because I was in a foreign country without support. I am saddened that I lost my young years to such a toxic relationship, but I hope to raise awareness about the importance of educating women about their rights and how to protect themselves.”

she further added to her statement,

“I want to give advice to the younger generation on how to treat their babies, to men, why you ask about beating that can we beat from one or two fingers, why you ask this question?, it’s an old school thought. You should advise your kids to protect the girl, now it’s your duty to do extra love and care, I am not saying don’t fight but be wise”

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