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June 4, 2023


Lyari’s Rising Football Stars Get Opportunity to Shine in UK

Mahnoor Tariq

KARACHI: Lyari’s football team is all set to fly to England to avail a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of playing internationally.

Three representatives of Swindon Town Football Club (STFC), including vice chairman STFC Zavier Austin, coach Alex Pike, and Sky Sports’ Chris Hull, are currently in Karachi to make travel arrangements.

The training:

The goal is to coach and train the young athletes so that they can play and coach to international standards. Mohammad Iqbal Memon, the commissioner of Karachi, came up with the notion of giving the city’s young, gifted football players a chance to compete in global matches. Zubair Ghulam Rasool, one of the coaches, will initially fly to England to receive coaching instruction. Additionally, certain players have been chosen to join Swindon Town FC.

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MOU Signed:

On Feb 5, 2022, the Karachi Football Club and Swindon Town FC signed a memorandum of agreement. After a year of training with English coach Alex Pike, they were chosen. Pike has also been training with Coach Zubair. According to the MoU, Swindon Town FC will cover the players’ living and training costs throughout their two-year stay in England.

What else:

The Karachi Football Club’s players have taken English language courses throughout the past year in partnership with the Pakistan American Cultural Centre to get over any language difficulties that would prevent them from obtaining training in the UK.

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