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May 29, 2023


Has Taliban Banned the Sale of Contraceptives in Afghanistan?

Mahnoor Tariq

KABUL: According to reports from Kabul and Balkh, the Taliban have banned the sale of contraceptives to women and ordered pharmacies, and medicine stores to stop the sale immediately.

A news publication in Afghanistan has received confirmation from drug dealers in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif that Taliban officials have instructed them not to sell any tablets, ampoules, or medications used as contraceptives.

Why did they halt it?

They claim that it is ‘haram’ or prohibited by Sharia law. The Ministry of Public Health of Taliban has not made any formal statements regarding this matter yet.

What’s more:

Additionally, a few women also claimed that midwives have stopped giving them contraception injections. Contraceptives are now twice as expensive due to the unofficial ban. Moreover, there is no regulation of the pills because they are imported, and sold in the black market.

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Drug traders claim that Taliban has halted importing these medications and other relevant equipment. According to an anonymous secret dealer in Kabul, the Taliban outlawed all forms of contraception 20 days ago.


The Ministry of Higher Education under the Taliban government mandated the expulsion of female students from both private and public universities in Afghanistan. According to Afghanistan’s Minister of Higher Education, teaching of girls in secular colleges is against Islamic tradition and law. 

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