A judge in Karachi court has ordered to change the Investigation Officer (IO) in the defamation case against Pakistani actor Muneeb Butt. The complaint was filed by Feroze Khan’s ex-lawyer Faique Jagirani. 

The SHO FIA Cyber Crime stated that the complainant hasn’t provided any concrete evidence against the allegations.

Back story:

Previously, Khan, accused of domestic abuse, posted a legal notice he sent to his colleagues. The document featured personal information such as addresses and personal phone numbers. Khan deleted the post but the matter was then subject to legal action as it violated the privacy of many stars like Aimen Khan, wife of Muneeb Butt. The actor took to his Instagram account and suggested Khan to change his lawyer as Jagirani is only seeking fame and Youtube subscribers through this case. The lawyer then approached court against Butt. 

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According to Jagirani’s complaint, Butt’s activities violate Section 24 of the 2016 PECA, hence he wants the FIA to file legal charges against him. Additionally, he sent a handwritten application to the FIA cybercrime Karachi in-charge asking for the filing of a FIR and the beginning of legal proceedings against Butt.

The judge’s notice:

In the copy of notice obtained by Capital TV, the report of the IO was deemed ‘incomplete’ then as it did not contain forensic and technical report of the alleged defamatory post.  “I do not find merit in the opinion that more evidence is required as the case pertains to the alleged defamatory post,” wrote the judge.

The IO of the case may be changed and investigation be assigned to a different IO who is competent enough to investigate the case.

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