Shell Embraces AI Technology to Boost Offshore Oil Production

May 29, 2023


Shell Embraces AI Technology to Boost Offshore Oil Production


Shell, the global oil giant, is adopting artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance its business operations and increase offshore oil production. Reuters reported that Shell has partnered with SparkCognition, a big data analytics company based in Texas, to utilize AI for analyzing and processing vast amounts of underground data in search of new oil reserves.

As the largest oil producer in the US Gulf of Mexico, Shell aims to boost production efficiency and streamline the exploration process for new reserves. Gabriel Guerra, Shell’s vice president of innovation and performance, expressed the company’s commitment to reinventing their exploration methods and embracing innovative approaches.

The collaboration with SparkCognition aims to significantly reduce exploration timelines, potentially shortening the process from nine months to less than nine days. Bruce Porter, chief science officer for SparkCognition, highlighted the disruptive potential of generative AI for seismic imaging, stating that it has broad implications for the exploration process.

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By utilizing AI technology, the partnership expects to generate subsurface images with fewer seismic data scans, thereby improving deep-sea preservation efforts. This seismic technology involves sending sound waves to explore below the Earth’s surface. The companies emphasized that fewer seismic surveys would accelerate the exploration workflow and result in cost savings in high-performance computing.

Shell’s adoption of AI technology demonstrates its commitment to modernizing operations, increasing production, and staying competitive in the market. By leveraging AI capabilities, the company aims to optimize its exploration practices and unlock new reserves more efficiently.

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