Justice Quest: Families Await Answers 3 Years After PIA Crash

May 29, 2023


Justice Quest: Families Await Answers 3 Years After PIA Crash


KARACHI: The families of the victims of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crash near Karachi airport three years ago are still awaiting justice. As the completion of the final investigation report remains pending.

The incident occurred on May 22, 2020, when the A320 aircraft (PK-8303) attempted to land without lowering its landing gear, ultimately crashing into nearby houses in Model Colony. The incident resulted in the tragic deaths of 97 passengers and crew members on board, as well as one girl on the ground.

To lead the investigation, the federal government established the Aircraft Accident and Investigation Board (AAIB), which was later joined by experts from Airbus, the plane manufacturer, and the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

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While a preliminary report was released, the investigation remains inconclusive, as the final report from the AAIB has not yet been finalized. Kashif Aman, who lost his mother in the crash, expressed frustration with the lack of progress. He emphasized the need for the government to release the final investigation report and hold those responsible accountable through departmental proceedings against PIA and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The families of the victims hold the CAA, air traffic controllers, and the district administration responsible for the crash, as well as the delay in firefighting efforts. They also raised questions about the equal compensation of Rs 10 million provided to both survivors and families of the deceased, highlighting the lack of payment for luggage insurance and the aviation ministry’s failure to take action against the CAA and PIA for alleged violations of laws.

Third Anniversary

On the third anniversary of the crash, the families gathered at Usman Ghani Park in Model Colony to commemorate their loved ones through Quran recitation (Quran khwani). The families affected by the PIA plane crash near Karachi airport are still seeking justice after three years.

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