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May 28, 2023


BNA Founder Gulzar Imam Baloch Seeks Government-Militant Talks

Mahnoor Tariq

Gulzar Imam Baloch

Founder of a banned Baloch group, Gulzar Imam Baloch has offered to initiate a dialogue between the government and aggrieved militants.

Gulzar Baloch Imam goes with the alias Shambay. He is said to be the founder of Balochistan National Army (BNA). As he was introduced to the media on Tuesday at Sikander Jamali Auditorium amid strict security, he emphasised that misunderstandings need to be cleared now.

Arrest of Gulzar Baloch:

Security forces detained Gulzar Baloch a few months ago after a prominent intelligence operation. Senator Omer Ahmedzai and Provincial Home Minister Ziaullah Langove both attended the event.

He declared in his statement: “The path I had chosen for achieving the rights of the people of Balochistan was not the right decision.”

Additionally, he asserted that he had participated in a large number of violent terrorist attacks on institutions and offices of the law, including those that targeted the Panjgur and Noshki police stations.

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He asserted that neighbouring nations were utilising Baloch people against their own country. The time has arrived, he said, for the government, establishment, and militants who were previously living in the mountains to make amends and contribute to the development of Balochistan. He claimed that while in prison, he had conversations and meetings with Baloch elders. “I had come to the conclusion that only constitutional and political means can uphold the rights of the people, he added.


The BNA militant leader was born in the Panjgur area in 1978 and held jobs as a contractor and a newspaper journalist before he turned militant in 2009.

Separately, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif who praised the nation and the security services for Shambay’s arrest.

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