IHC Orders to Free Asad Umar, Overturns Detention Order

May 28, 2023


IHC Orders to Free Asad Umar, Overturns Detention Order

Mahnoor Tariq

Asad Umar IHC

On Wednesday, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) ruled against Asad Umar’s detention order under the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance and ordered his freedom.

On May 10, the PTI chairman was taken into custody, a day after the nation was rocked by violent protests over the detention of former premier Imran Khan. Asad Umar was arrested while leaving the IHC and has been held there ever since.

Babar Awan of the PTI represented Umar during the hearing, which was presided over by Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb.

Justice Aurangzeb announced at the beginning of the session, “They will not let you go until you hold a press conference.”

The remarks seemed to make reference to the manner in which PTI leaders declared their decision to leave the party while simultaneously denouncing the violence that day, May 9.

Shireen Mazari, an ex-minister for human rights, became the most recent and possibly most visible PTI politician to do so on Tuesday when she made her intention to resign from the party and from active politics. According to the PTI leader, guests are being ejected from his party “at gunpoint.”

Why was Asad arrested:

Awan informed the court that his side will “not hold a press conference” in reaction to the comment. On May 9, Umar posted two tweets, to which the IHC judge responded, “There are two tweets. At the very least, have them removed right away. Awan said that the court’s directive would be followed. Additionally, he requested that the court mandate his client’s appearance in court.

“I’m in front of the cases against Asad Umar. Justice Aurangzeb continued, “If I issue an order, then I do not know what will occur tomorrow.

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